nickel based alloy castings

nickel based alloy castings

With the exploration and innovation of company people, gradually formed four major advantageous products: steel plate, steel pipe, stainless steel, special steel.

  1. Nickel Based Metal Castings | Nickel-Based Alloys | Metal nickel based alloy castings

    In addition, within todays marketplace there are several trademark names for nickel based alloys that ASTM specifications make accessible to everyone, these include: Monel - Monel is a nickel based alloy that is primarily composed of nickel (up to 67%) and copper,nickel based alloy castings Hastalloy - Hastalloy is nickel based alloy castings

  2. Nickel Based Alloys Investment Castings | American Casting nickel based alloy castings

    Nickel Based Alloys Investment Castings Investment casting is being used on a large scale in many industries to manufacture near net shape products from difficult to machine and fabricate materials. The investment casting process can be carried out using a wide variety of alloys including Nickel Based materials.

  3. Precision Investment Casting | Nickel-Base Castings

    Engineered Precision Casting Company has a long history producing nickel-based castings, with sizes up to 16 x 16 in. and 150 lbs. We work with over 75 ferrous and non-ferrous air-melt alloys and perform all investment casting in-house to deliver fast and reliable service.

  4. Nickel Base Alloys | Nickel Alloy Casting | Nickel Castings

    Nickel Alloy Castings There is a wide variety of different nickel base alloys to offer reasonable mechanical properties along with either corrosion or high temperature properties. Alloy Properties

  5. Nickel Based Alloys | Castings Technology International

    Nickel Based Alloys Castings made from common air-melted alloys meeting the ASTM A494 standard, for applications requiring corrosion resistance are prone to problems that include cracking and gas porosity.

  6. Nickel based alloy casting | Cobalt based alloy casting

    Cobalt & Nickel Based Casting. Cobalt and nickel investment castings, also known as monel alloys or superalloys, provide high end corrosion and abrasion resistance at the most extreme temperatures.When it comes to investment casting, Cobalt base alloy casting and Nickel based alloy casting share many mechanical properties with stainless steel castings, but are designed for even greater nickel based alloy castings

  7. Nickel Base Castings and Nickel Alloy Castings | Quaker City nickel based alloy castings

    Nickel Base Castings and Nickel Alloy Castings Monel. Monel is the common designation for a group of nickel base castings and nickel alloys,nickel based alloy castings Inconel. Inconel, sometimes called "Inco," is a family of austenitic nickel-chromium-basednickel based alloy castings Hastelloy. The primary function of the Hastelloy super nickel based alloy castings

  8. Nickel Alloy Casting - OTTOMMO Casting

    OTTOMMO Casting is your best nickel alloy casting company. Our specialty is super alloy turbo wheel and high nickel based casting by vacuum casting process.

  9. Casting with Nickel Bernier Metals

    Nickel is preeminently an alloy metal, and its chief use is in nickel steels and nickel cast irons, in which it typically increases the tensile strength, toughness, and elastic limit. It is widely used in many other alloys, including nickel brasses and bronzes and alloys with copper, chromium, aluminium, lead, cobalt, silver, and gold (Inconel, Incoloy, Monel, Nimonic).

  10. Investment Casting Alloys

    Unlimited Alloy Choices. Featuring unlimited alloy choices, investment castings are the most versatile metal forming methods available. Designers are not limited to any particular alloy, as the investment casting process allows for easy alloy substitution using the same tooling.

  11. Nickel Based Alloy Castings -

    Nickel based castings are divided into Nickel Copper alloys, Nickel Molybdenum alloys, Nickel Chromium alloys, and Nickel Chromium Molybdenum alloys. Each group of alloys offers superior corrosion properties to the environments of water, salt water, and a variety of acids, organic materials, alkalis, salts, and corrosive gases.

  12. NICKEL ALLOY Titanium Titanium and Nickel Resources B.V nickel based alloy castings

    Titanium and Nickel Resources B.V stocks a diverse assortment of nickel-based alloys and nickel chromium-based alloys including Alloy C-276, Alloy C-22, Alloy 600, Alloy 718 and more. The products we provide are tube, bar, plate, fitting, machining parts, fastener and casting.

  13. Aero Metals Inc.

    Aero Metals, Inc. is ready to put our 50 years of experience in precision metal cast parts and casting-based assemblies to work for you. Contact us to start the informal engineering discussion about your project, or request a quote on your precision metal component and well get back to you with a proposal.

  14. Nickel & Nickel Alloy Castings Suppliers - ThomasNet

    Custom manufacturer of nickel & nickel alloy castings including nickel-chromium iron castings. Investment casting process is used to fabricate castings. Castings are available in weights of 1 oz. to 35 lbs. Castings feature linear tolerance of plus /- 0.010 for the first inch of geometry.

  15. Superalloy - Wikipedia

    Nickel-based superalloys are used in load-bearing structures to the highest homologous temperature of any common alloy system (Tm = 0.9, or 90% of their melting point). Among the most demanding applications for a structural material are those in the hot sections of turbine engines.

  16. Superalloy Investment Casting Nickel Based Alloy Casting nickel based alloy castings

    Superalloy Castings Featuring excellent creep resistance, anti-oxidation properties, and strong surface stability, superalloys are a necessity for todays high temperature industrial applications. Our inventory of superalloys includes duplex alloys, hastelloys, nickel based alloy casting , nickel-chromium, cobalt based alloy casting , and nickel based alloy castings

  17. Super Alloy Investment Castings Manufacturer | American nickel based alloy castings

    Based on the metal present in them, the super alloys are of three types iron-based, nickel-based, and cobalt-based super alloys. The super alloy investment castings find their use in a variety of industries, such as marine, aircraft and aerospace, petrochemical, chemical plant, etc. American Casting Company is one of the leading nickel based alloy castings

  18. Highland Foundry Ltd | Nickel Based Alloys

    Nickel Based Alloys Highland Foundry Ltd is based in Surrey, BC, serving clients throughout North America and Internationally. Nickel-base alloys are widely used for their excellent resistance to corrosion and as high temperature materials, mainly in the chemical process industries.

  19. Nickel-Based Alloys | Hastelloys | Investment Casting Metals

    While the investment casting process is capable of pouring almost any alloy, our most popular alloys are in the nickel family. Consisting primarily of nickel, chromium, and molybdenum, nickel-based alloys are among the most widely used investment casting materials.

  20. Nickel Castings | Investment Casting Metals

    Nickel Consisting primarily of nickel, chromium, and molybdenum, smaller additions of other alloying elements are used to create alloys with very high corrosion resistance while other elements would be used to create alloys with very high hot strength.

  21. Copper Nickel Castings - Johnson Centrifugal

    The high yield and high quality of JCT nickel centrifugal castings are a necessary requirement in producing many specialty nickel based alloy components. Due to the high cost and relatively poor machinability of nickel alloys, centrifugals such as, copper nickel castings and Monel castings are a cost-effective alternative to nickel based nickel based alloy castings

  22. 8 Key Metals Used in Casting - Eagle Group Blog

    Nickel-Based Alloy. Nickel-based alloys have excellent corrosion resistance. Nickel is often coupled with copper, chromium, zinc, iron, and manganese to achieve different properties. The right combinations can have the tensile strength of carbon steel with good ductility and wear resistance.

  23. Feeding of High-Nickel Alloy Castings

    Feeding of High-Nickel Alloy Castings KENT D. CARLSON, SHOUZHU OU, and CHRISTOPH BECKERMANN Feeding of the nickel-based alloys CZ-100, M-35-1, and CW-12MW, as well as of the austenitic stainless steel CN-7M, is investigated, using a combination of casting experiments and simulation.

  24. Nickel-Based Superalloys - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

    Nickel-based superalloy is the most used material in turbine engines because of its high strength and long fatigue life combined with good resistance to oxidation and corrosion at high temperature. Nickel-based superalloy is the material of choice for the hottest engine components that are required to operate above 800 C. Without doubt, one nickel based alloy castings

  25. Nickel Alloy Casting on sales - Quality Nickel Alloy Casting nickel based alloy castings

    Nickel Alloy Casting. Precision Nickel Alloy Casting / Stainless Steel Casting For Cement Industry. ISO 9001 Certificate Nickel Alloy Casting Mo Seat Ring Parts For Valves EB25018. ASTM A494 M25S Nickel Copper Alloy Bush Castings High Temperature EB25012. Nickel Based Alloy Turbine Disc / Investment Casting EB3547 For Mining Industry. Cobalt nickel based alloy castings

  26. Centrifugal & Sand Stainless Steel, Nickel & Cobalt Castings nickel based alloy castings

    Experts in Stainless Steel, High Nickel and Cobalt Based Alloys Sand & Centrifugal Casting Manufacturer, Aloke Alloys Manufactures castings in stainless steel alloys, high nickel alloys, high cobalt alloys, super alloys, duplex alloys, super duplex alloys for corrosion, heat and wear resistant applications.

  27. Feeding of Nickel-Based Alloys - University of Iowa

    rules for carbon and low alloy (C&LA) and high alloy steel castings, a similar project is underway to develop feeding distance rules for the nickel-based alloys CZ-100, M-35-1 and CW-12MW, as well as for the austenitic stainless steel CN-7M.

  28. Nickel-based Alloy Investment Casting Used For Abb nickel based alloy castings

    Nickel-based Alloy Investment Casting Used For Abb Turbocharger , Find Complete Details about Nickel-based Alloy Investment Casting Used For Abb Turbocharger,Abb Turbocharger,Abb Vtr Turbocharger,Abb Turbocharger Parts from Machinery Engine Parts Supplier or Manufacturer-Shandong Yili Power Technology Co., Ltd.

  29. Wear Solutions Components Subheader COMPONENTS

    nickel-based castings are noted for their outstanding corrosion resistance and are offered in a full range of ASTM, AMS, and ACI specifications. Tribaloy Alloys These cobalt- and nickel-based alloys feature a hard inter-metallic laves phase, dispersed in a tough matrix of eutectic or solid solution. Tribaloy alloys exhibit

  30. Nickel / Cobalt - ATI Relentless Innovation

    Nickel & Cobalt. ATI's nickel & cobalt-based alloys and superalloys are used in jet engines, gas turbines, chemical processing, petroleum refining, marine, electronics and other applications where common stainless steels may not provide adequate performance.

  31. nickel based alloy castings

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